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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dramatic Monologue

On a crisp Fall morning,
I'm still snug in my king
Size bed.
I feel the panting of my yellow lab,
"Hah, hah, hah"
His warm breath is on my neck
Making me sweat.
I groan.
I roll out of bed.
With a cup of hot coffee in my hand,
Bacon sizzling on the stove,
It's a beautiful day to catch
Me a duck.
I put on my hat, jacket,
And boots.
Then I grab my rifle and Cooper.
Out the door I go.

After walking for several miles
In the deep woods,
I finally get to the duck pond.
I find the perfect one.
I slowly riase my rifle and
Right on target.
Cooper already knows what to do.
He's in and out of the pond like a rocket.
I'm glad I got my first kill.
But as Cooper drops the duck at my feet,
My feelings change.
He's just dead.
Lying there, motionless.
I took its life.
Is that how I'll be in years to come?
Or even my dog, too?
When we die, we'll be soul less.
Forgotten about, like this duck.
I hunted him and death will hunt me.

Well, tonight I'll go home,
Make some duck soup by a fire,
Sleep it all off and forget.


  1. I like this poem! It is an interesting new perspective. I think it would be cool if at the end of the poem the hunter does not "sleep it all off and forget" but if he takes some sort philosophical morsel to bed and "sleeps on it"

  2. Yeah, I'd agree with Emily. The ending of this seems too clean. The speaker has been pretty haunted by what he's done.

    I wonder if you might be able to take another look at this one and introduce the ambivalence about the killing a little bit earlier.

    Good start.